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World Setting and rules:
The Continent of Ikaruga
-The Gaya Republic (Three warring kingdoms that have gained peace over centuries
of bloodshed. Main Kingdom: Bijal, Second: Tihamus, Third: Kamitsuchi)
- The Sankouken (Three human martial artists under the tutage of a Xeph soulknife master. Three men gained godhood and are the guardian saints of the region)
- Western lands (traditional fantasy settings) have had contact with the Gaya Republic over hundreds of years making it a trading epicenter (Ancient Istanbul/Mongolia/Indonesia combined)
- All fantasy races are welcome
- Kingdoms Descriptions: Bijal (like ancient Arabia, Mongolia, and North Africa), Tihamus (like Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and Thailand), Kamitsuchi (like feudal Japan, Korea, and China)
-Circa 1800-1900s-type technology fused with magic and alchemy.
-Asian/European/Arabic mythology looses develops the culture, theology, and attire.
18yrs + to play (Mature campaign setting)

Ten-thousands years has passed since the godhood of the Sankouken, mere hundreds have passed since the Great War. Peaceful times are near ending once again.

After the ascension of the Sankouken, a prophecy was given: “From the four pillars that hold this world will birth a new chapter of mankind. It will bring harmony and calamity, will fall privy to the folly of man, and will fight and die as such. Although like him, unlike him will harness the power of the world itself and will endure more that man could ever endure.”

This prophecy was the start of a new race of mankind. This gave birth to the Gonzui. Man born of will of the world, only the be consumed by it and stand higher than any other being. This prophecy led to the ritual known as the Ouroboros. This was a ritual consummation between four ancient Genasi: Fire, being the passion of man…Lightning, being the cunning of man…Iron, being the strength of man…and Force, being the soul of man. These four Genasi were ancient warriors known as the Four Pillars, the aspects of mankind. Through the Fire and Lighting Genasi, gave birth to a male. From Iron and Force, a girl. When the two became of age, they then conceived a child harboring the abilities of all four elemental linages.

This Genasi was called Gon, which is the ancient Bijalese word for earth. Gon’s body fluctuated with manifestations, making his genetic code unstable. Gon traveled across the lands learning about the world. He soon traveled to Yamujan (what is now Kamitsuchi) and fell in love with a human swordswoman. The two traveled back to Bijal and conceived their child. The child, looking human, has all of its father’s elemental characteristics. It was called Gonzui, or Child of Gon. The Gonzui were shunned by humans and Genasi alike, most were exiled from the city walls into the harsh desert. They looked as abominations on this world. Many Gonzui fled the surrounding coastal islands and permanently made their homes.

Physically, Gonzui are between 6-7 feet tall with large muscular builds. Most are dark skinned and speak with a middle eastern or islander accent. Males are predominantly trained as warrior from the age of two until adulthood, women as well. The women are tall and curvaceous, with sleek muscular tones. Most women train in the martial arts, while men prefer swordsmanship. Some men choose martial arts and are sent to Sankouken monasteries to be trained by the monks. Women who train in swordsmanship are sent to the western country of Aurana to the Rudianos Military Academy to become Valkyries or battle-maidens to aid the West-East front.

Gonzui reproduce only Gonzui children, no matter the racial pairing. Although the child have slight racial features (Elven ears, Orcish tusks, etc.) it will still bear the szuldar and metallic markings of the Gonzui. All Gonzui are not subjected to only there inherited elemental manifestations. The initial four combinations of manifestations only allow the Gonzui to harness the power Ki (energy) into concentrated blasts or blades. The Four Pillars philosophy has rooted itself into the culutre of the Gonzui, even to the point of classifaction of family. There are four major clans based off of the Four Pillars: Indra Clan (Gonzui who prefer fire-based abilities), Vajra Clan (Gonzui who prefer lighting-based abilities), Kilaya Clan (Gonzui who prefer purely swordsmanship), and Akasha Clan (Gonzui who prefer the arcane arts).
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Gonzui Male
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Gonzui Female
Although the Gonzui have integrated them into humanity other races, more so humans, still see them as sub-human. They call them a “Curse of the Holy Bloods”, an insult to their conception on this world. Gonzui are a proud and somewhat feared race, only set on forging a new life in the world.

Over the centuries, the Western lands have migrated to the Gaya Republic bring with them technology such as firearms and alchemy. Magic has long been used in traditional tribal rituals, now it has been infused with Western technology using Eastern engineering. The Gaya Republic is now a sprawling nation of steel buildings and magic powered vehicles. It is a new frontier for Westerners and Easterners alike looking to expand themselves across the nation.

Pre-Industrial Medieval Adventure:
Wild West/Magicpunk/Victorian setting with a bit of Feudal Asia in there……

Tradional fantasy weaponry (swords, staves, daggers, etc.)
1800-1900s weaponry (pistols, rifles, etc.)

Tradional fantasy mounts (horses, warbeasts, etc.)
1800-1900s vehicles magic-steam powered (trains, etc.)

Curse of the Holy Bloods

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