Saizo Nijhan

Makiyuen's adoptive father and son of legendary hero Ouran Nijhan


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Saizo was raised his entire childhood within the Sankouken monastery atop Mt. Samu on the island of Yamato. His fahter, Ouran, was a former Sankouken monk who left the order in search of a another life. Instead he found trouble…alot of it. His drunken lecherous ways brought him on to a ship were he met a small group of traveling warriors on a quest to end the Second Great War. Through their travels and many battles, they along with half-dragon warrior Kazarian Amun-Rama and Genasi swordmage Makiyuen Amun-Rama, defeated the Xanaji Empire and ended the war.

Saizo found himself in his father’s path fighting off the corrupt Shadar-Utsui mercenary clan along side Dohan Yian Rajang, son of Kazarian Amun-Rama. After the fall of the Shadar-Utsui, Saizo retired to Ningirsu, home of his mother, Zelra Namu-Suran. Years passed and after the death of Dohan, Saizo returned to Bijal to fight again. As an aged general of the Gaya Republic Army, he fought against the invading forces of the West and later established a treaty with the western nation of Aurana and forged the West-East Alliance.

After a life of war and blood, Saizo once again returned to Ningirsu. He was reunited with Dohan’s daughter, Sanghui Rajang, who’s husband was killed by the Shadar-Utsui. She was with child with she arrrived and died during labor. Saizo raised the child and named him Makiyuen.


Saizo Nijhan

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