Aeryon Voruna (Co-GM's character)

Master martial artist and marksman travelling along the lands in search of adventure


Arcadio stance
Once a high-ranking paladin in the grand Auranan army, Aeryon is now a traveling warrior seeking life on the high seas and hot desert. During his military career, Aeryon went on an expedition towards the county of Kamitsuchi. While serving there, he became immersed into the Eastern culture and found himself following the ways of the martial arts. He tried to convince his Auranan brothers-in-arms to take part, but they ostracized him and labelled him a “Jin-jumper” , a derogatory term for a Westerner to be involved with a Jinrei native (The native peoples of Kamitsuchi are called Jinrei or Jin).

Greatly offended by this, Aeryon left his unit over night into the nearby village of Yaoguan. This once famous fishing village is now an industrial district lined with terraced housings. Due to its high-paced development, Yaoguan is now famed for its illustrious red light district. Walking through all crowds of drunken soldiers and willing prostitutes, he finds an old destitute temple off in the corner behind the local tavern.

Inside he sees something opens his mind. Groups of students dressed in white uniforms performing a style displaying punches and kicks, but with the use of boarding pistols. This style was known as the Hyung-Kwai or Hundred-Arms technique (think of Gun-kata). His eyes brighten with the thought of learning this. He was already a skilled marksman in the 33rd Rifle Battalion of the Auranan army and he has some skill in the Western form of pugilism so his body was physically conditioned to handle the harsh training ahead. He spent his years in Kamitsuchi serving his country on the West-East border and also training in this newfound artform.
Arcadio uniform
Aeryon, in his Hyung-Kwai uniform

After his term was completed, he used some of his gold from savings and bought a small lightly armored corvette ship, light desert warhorse, and enough armaments and weapons to start a civil war with. With his investments set, Aeryon began his new life as an privateer and a mercenary. This dangerous life eventually gave attention to his now partner, Makiyuen Anum-Rama il Zwei and together they lead the Iron Fang clan.
Arcadio desert
Aeryon, now with the Iron Fang clan


Aeryon Voruna (Co-GM's character)

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